SS13 WebMap

Created by AffectedArc07

Special thanks to Letter_N for HTML theming and JS support.

Currently holding 31 codebases with 155 maps, and a total of 234 layers (401 if you include pipe layers).

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I do NOT actively track repositories and their map rotation. Getting a new map added or an old map removed is entirely on you or your playerbase to request.

What is this?

This is a small project made by me to help newcomers learn the SS13 maps easier

How do I get a map here?

Read the document linked on the How to get your map on here button.

How often is this updated?

All current codebases will automatically update any time a map edit on a specific codebase is made.

Why do some servers have coloured names, icons and fancy parallax?

These servers have been granted fancy status. In return, they get fancy parralax, coordinate readout on the maps, their icon in the list, pipenet overlays (some conditions apply) and a colour in the list

How do I get fancy status?

Simply post a link to this to your playerbase to shout out the project, then you will be granted fancy status